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MediationMediation is a process in which two or more parties to a dispute meet with an impartial and neutral third party to discuss settlement of the dispute. Since 1990, He has been actively involved in mediating a wide range of civil disputes including, but not limited to, insurance litigation, contract and business litigation, business dissolution, products liability, personal injury, medical malpractice, commercial litigation, estate and will contest litigation and condemnation litigation. Since 1990, he has mediated over 1,000 civil cases. He served as chair of the Missouri Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee for the years 1994 through 1997. He is on the panels for AAA, Pinnacle and serves as an independent contractor for the Postal Service Redress Program and the Missouri Highway Commission. He is on the panels for the Western and Eastern District Federal Court Early Assessment Program. He is a Fellow in the American College of Civil Trial Mediators. He is a frequent speaker at seminars on mediation and ADR.